The University of Salford Writer’s Journal was created to provide the students and staff of Salford University with a platform for their creative work. We wanted to create a place where creative writing could be published alongside journalistic work, photography and artwork, pieces of biography and scraps of opinion and lists of our favourite books – pretty much anything that is made up of words or images, and comes from a place of (probably coffee-fueled) passion.

Originally, we were going to publish a literary journal a few times a year. However, we have since discovered that this is a very time-consuming and cringe-worthily-expensive endevour, hence our move to the digital sphere. (You can view the pages of what would have been our first issue on our main page – and look how pretty they are!) However, because print is not dead and we would like to keep it this way, we are planning to host a book launch each year in which we will be distributing professionally printed editions of books which feature only our very best pieces. Fancy, I know.

I hope you enjoy our blog, and the pieces that we are posting. Here you will find poetry, short fiction, photography, journalism, and much more – and that is something I am extremely proud to boast about.

Happy reading!

Danielle Jade Oldham (Editor)

Imogen Berry-Henshaw (Editor-in-Chief)